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Energy Audit - M&V Process


The M&V process is designed to provide an impartial quantification and assessment of project impacts and savings (kWh, kW, cost and environmental) that result from EEDSM activities. Once the project impacts are known, Eskom can monitor and evaluate the performance and progress of all the EEDSM project activities, thus the success of their investment and the achievement of their overall objectives. This will help to identify present and future focus areas for EEDSM, as well as potential problems with current and future EEDSM implementation. M&V therefore makes a critical and essential contribution towards the successful implementation of EEDSM in South Africa. It also serves to protect all the various stakeholders in the EEDSM process.

The figure below is an outline of M & V process and alignment to various IDM project stages.

Figure 1: Outline of M & V Process and Alignment to IDM Project Stages


EEDMS projects are implemented to achieve energy consumption and energy demand savings and ultimately also cost savings. There are a number of stakeholders involved in any EEDSM initiative. The stakeholders may include:

  • Utility (i.e. Eskom or Municipal EEDSM) - responsible for the management of funds from Treasury, NERSA and the Utility. Their roles are to approve project proposals from the Energy Services Companies (ESCos) or Consultants, allocate funds to the project and manage the implementation of the EEDSM measure.

  • Energy Services Compamy(ESCo), Project Developer (PD) or Consultant –  responsible for implementing the EEDSM projects/programmes and get paid in full for their services only after the proposed savings have been achieved.

  • Clients –  the measure will be implemented on the clients' site. The clients'  interest is to reduce their monthly energy costs when they reduce their peak demand and/or energy consumption and to assist in ensuring continuity of electrical supply.

  • Independed M&V teams (Universities) –  responsible for providing all the EEDSM stakeholders with an impartial quantification of the savings achieved.

  • M&V Program Management (i.e. Eskom Energy Audits) –  their role is to do the overall M&V program management (the M&V process both from the contractual and project perspective).