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Small & Micro Generators
 Small Scale Embedded Generation: SMG
The Eskom framework for connecting small scale generators is in the process of being developed. The framework deals with three customer connection categories viz.:
1)    Customers that have a medium voltage (MV) supply connection voltage.
2)    Customers that have a low voltage (LV) supply connection voltage but have a dedicated Eskom owned MV/LV transformer
3)    Customers that have a low voltage (LV) supply connection voltage but are supplied as part of an Eskom owned, shared LV network i.e. there are many Eskom customers supplied from one Eskom owned MV/LV transformer
If connection is a category 3, Eskom will not be able to offer a connection solution and Customer will have to wait for the development of connection solutions to be completed.
Process to follow for Eskom evaluation of SSEG connection
·         Application to Eskom to evaluate connection scope of work (provided its not category 3). The application forms for MV  (LINK TO FORM ) and the link for dedicated transformer supplies (LINK TO FORM)
·         Eskom provide a connection and use of system agreement. This will deal the connection requirements.
·         Customer to obtain a license from NERSA or a letter of exemption from a license from NERSA
Information on the connection requirements:
NRS 097 -2 -1 (under the SABS website)
NRS 097 -2 -3 (under the SABS website)
SANS 10142 -1 (under the SABS website)
Commissioning Standard for Embedded Generators In Low Voltage Installations
Electricity Regulation Act (found in Department of Energy website)
For any queries contact the Grid Access Unit Department through the contact details in the application form.