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IPP Quotation & Connection Process


The high-level, end-to-end process for the Consultation and Connection processes can be summarised as follows:


Important information

Note 1: Eskom will provide a cost estimate letter within 90 days. This period is however influenced by each project's complexities and dependencies and amount of initial Engineering Planning that needs to be done for each project. The following conditions should be complied with:

  • Completion of Part 1 of the application form

  • Reasonable assurance of the right to develop on a proposed site, e.g. letter from landowner

  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) activities initiated and acknowledgement by Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) of application

Note 2: Once the application has been submitted Eskom may contact you to discuss the following:

  • Where should facility be connected

  • Grid configuration and voltages to use

  • Estimated costs of connection - based on proper network configuration and equipment boundaries and details

  • Grid capacity available at nearest network

  • Fault levels at nearest network

  • Define need to coordinate projects, determine requirements / risks for shared networks

  • Any potential Eskom plans that may impact on project proposals

  • Any impact (e.g. lead times) on requested timetable

  • Eskom to determine interdependent projects in public domain (as far as possible) (liaising with EIA consultants, DEA, NERSA, etc.)

Note 3: Eskom will request Part 2 of this application form to be filled in and proceed with a budget quotation only after the following conditions have been complied with, namely:

  • Where the Independent Power Producer (IPP) intends to submit bids in a regulated IPP purchase programme:

    *  The entity responsible for procurement has to first pre-qualify the application for IPP applications that do not

        intend to be part of a regulated bid programme

    *  Letter from NERSA indicating engagement on an application for a licence

    *  Acceptance of the cost estimate conditions and the payment of the quotation fee

    *  Completion of Part 2 of the application form

    *  Proof of land ownership/permission to use the land obtained

    *  EIA progress, i.e. appointment of EIA consultant and confirmation from DEA approving the Scoping Report or

       Basic Assessment Report as may be applicable

    *  Proof of reasonable viability of the proposed technology regarding the primary energy source

Environmental Requirements:

Be aware of the fact that Statutory Approvals from all infrastructure providers and utilities are required for the build of the generation plant and associated activities and that infrastructure traversing land needs to be protected by a servitude/s registered against the Title Deed of the affected property.

In order to expedite your connection, you are advised to, as far as possible, integrate the Environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the generation plant with the EIA for the Eskom connection assets. You need to discuss the requirements and coordination of the EIA for the Eskom connection assets with Eskom, e.g. route selection, design, evaluation and ranking of alternatives, Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the construction and operational phase(s), servitude conditions.