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Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme

Bid Window 1

Submission Date: 04 November 2011


On 07 December 2011, the preferred Bidders were announced

On 05 & 06 November 2012, The DoE, Eskom and the 28 IPPs projects signed the PPAs, Direct Agreements, Implementation Agreements, and Connection Agreements and Financial Close.

Bid 1 preferred bidders

Bid Window 2

Submission Date: 5 March 2012

On 21 May 2012, the preferred Bidders were announced         

Bid 2 preferred bidders

Bid Window 3


The Department of Energy  received 93 Bid Responses on the Third Bid Submission Date.

The Department on 29 October 2013, sent letters of appointment as Preferred Bidders to 17 Bidders who submitted Bid Responses on the Third Bid Submission Date.  The number of appointments, and the total MW of Contracted Capacity awarded to date, is as follows:

·         Onshore Wind - 7 Preferred Bidders totalling 787MW

·         Solar Photovolatic - 6 Preferred Bidders totalling 450MW

·         Biomass - 1 Preferred Bidder of 16,5MW

·         Landfill Gas - 1 Preferred Bidder of 18MW

·         Concentrated Solar - 2 Preferred Bidders totalling 200MW

The Department also sent letters of non-appointment as Preferred Bidders to 18 Bidders.  Those letters were sent to Bidders whose Bid Responses were Non-Compliant with the requirements of Part B (Qualification Criteria) of the RFP.

The Department will make a further announcement regarding its decision in this regard in due course, and is intending to do so by not later than 20 November 2013.

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