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Running media reports impede “conflict of interest” investigation
Sunday, 09 April 2017: The Eskom Board is gravely concerned by the running coverage and commentary on the allegations that pertain to Impulse International and Eskom's Interim Group Chief Executive.
“When we announced the independent legal and forensic investigation on 30 March 2017, we highlighted why we did not disclose the scope of the investigation. Doing so would have potentially impacted the sanctity of the investigation,” said Eskom Chairperson Dr Baldwin Ngubane.
Furthermore, said Dr Ngubane:  "We allowed Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr a free hand to appoint an entity to undertake a forensic aspect of the investigation. All this was a deliberate attempt on our part to enhance the effectiveness of the investigation."
“I would like to make a plea to South Africans to afford the investigation its rightful place in order to facilitate a successful investigation capable of resolving the current allegations. Such allegations are not in Eskom’s nor the country’s interest,” concluded Dr Ngubane.