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Eskom seeks damages against the Democratic Alliance for defamatory statements
Wednesday, 8 March 2017: Eskom has lodged papers in the High Court of South Africa, Western Cape against the Democratic Alliance (DA) for wrongful and defamatory actions by the party against the company and its Interim Group Chief Executive Matshela Koko.
The DA’s Natasha Mazzone published an article on the political party’s website on 30 January 2017 titled, “DA to PAIA R27 million Eskom report” which stated the following:
  • “(the report) is said to contain information on widespread corruption within the top ranks of the entity;
  • its findings include extensive corruption implicating the now acting CEO, Matshela Koko;
  • yet again Eskom finds itself entangled in a web of lies, contradictions and inaccuracies” .
The Interim Chief Executive of Eskom Matshela Koko says, “It has become a hobby of some organisations to publicly cast aspersions on people and throw wild accusations without facts, without any regard for people’s reputations. We are fortunate that we live in a country where law still reigns supreme. We are therefore seeking the court’s protection from abuse of power, cheap politicking and public grandstanding that has been at the centre of the Democratic Alliance’s public campaign against Eskom. Our position on the Dentons report is a matter of public record and we are open to engage political parties in Parliament as required by the law.”
The DA has given a notice of their intent to defend themselves against the action.