Integrated Demand Management (IDM)

In response to the energy challenges facing South Africa, Eskom established an Integrated Demand Management (IDM) division.

IDM is dedicated to ensuring short-term security of electricity supply through coordinating and consolidating various programmes and initiatives aimed at helping the business and residential sectors to optimise energy use and contribute to balancing supply and demand on the national power grid

With Eskom a knowledge centre of energy efficiency, a key aspect of IDM’s demand side management objectives is to provide advice on electricity smart behaviour amongst all consumers and replacing energy intensive technologies, systems and processes with energy efficient solutions

Integrated Demand Management's role:

To ensure single ownership of demand side management strategies, objectives and operations throughout Eskom and;

Using a market-driven approach, to understand and meet consumer requirements and provide a platform from which Eskom can collaborate with government, external stakeholders and consumers

Integrated Demand Management’s central focus includes:

  • Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management (EEDSM) - promoting energy efficient electricity use by supporting behavioural change and the switch to energy efficient technologies, systems and processes
  • Energy Management Programme (EMP) - assisting business customers to improve their energy efficiency
  • Energy Conservation Scheme (ECS) - aiming to achieve a 10% energy reduction amongst customers that use more than 25GWh per annum
  • Demand Response (DR) - incentivizing customers to reduce load on request as a measure to help balance demand and supply on the national power grid