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Case study Oyster Box hotel


Iconic Oyster Box Hotel honours the environment

From the inner core of the 86-room hotel to the breathtaking pool areas outside, energy saving technologies and electricity smart behaviours are quietly at work to optimise efficiencies.

  • In guest rooms, window glazing was installed on the windows, which limits the need for artificial cooling in summer, and retains internal temperatures without overusing heating systems in winter.
  • Ceilings were painted with reflective paint to create natural lightness, minimizing the need for artificial lighting during the day.
  • Ceiling fans were installed in every guest room; guests are encouraged to use these instead of turning on air conditioners.
  • Each room is fitted with an energy efficient fridge and all taps have been fitted with aerators to reduce hot water usage.
  • Micro switches were installed on all rooms’ sliding doors to automatically turn off the air conditioner when a door is opened.
  • Guests’ room cards were equipped with a reader that activates the lights in the room on entry, and shuts down lighting and air conditioner when the guest leaves the room.
  • 600 Incandescent and halogen lamps were replaced with energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) in the hotel’s common areas and passages.
  • Motion sensors were installed in the hotel’s administrative offices and storerooms.
  • In its two large kitchens, gas cookers and ovens have replaced conventional electric stoves to reduce the electricity load.
  • Outside, the Oyster Box has implemented a heat recovery system that absorbs heat rejected by its cooling towers to heat water and keep the hotel’s 15 sparkling pools at the desired warm temperature.
  • Employees are also reminded to switch off lights and appliances when not in use and to use the stairs instead of the hotel’s lifts

    The hotel has implemented a stringent maintenance programme for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; refrigeration systems; fans; and lighting and cooking equipment; and runs a comprehensive back-of-house campaign to encourage electricity smart behaviours amongst employees.

    Eskom’s Energy Advisors are on standby to offer you advice on how to embark on an energy efficiency initiative in your hotel or lodge

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    Iconic Oyster Box Hotel