Esco funding model


This model supports projects structured by Energy Services Companies or Project developers to reduce energy use, improve energy efficiency, shift energy load from peak to off-peak hours.

The ESCo Model forms part of Eskom’s strategic commitment to:

  • Support customers with funding and advice on how to save energy (during evening peak periods) and, as a result, lower their operating costs; and
  • Offer customers an opportunity to participate in stabilising the power system by shifting load or improving energy efficiency and, therefore, reducing evening peak demand.
  • To read further click on the links below

    1. Projects achieving demand savings greater than or equal to 500kW  (kilowatt):

    2. Projects achieving demand savings greater than or equal to 250kW – 1,200kW (kilowatt):

    3. FAQ

    4. New National Treasury regulation

    Documents to be completed and submitted to Eskom are:

    a. Proposal template.

    b. Esco application form

    c . Eskom Model load properties.

    d. Presentation template Eskom project evaluation committee.

    Funding is limited.
    Energy Services Companies and Project Developers are urged
    to submit proposals for consideration without delay.
    Terms and Conditions in regard to the ESCo Model could change at any time.