Esco funding model


The ESCo Model Programme considers funding for commercial and industrial sector projects that can shift electrical load outside of Eskom’s evening peak periods. These projects can be submitted by any Energy Services Company, Project Developer or business which has a Black ownership of at least 51%.

Load management:

Load Management is the ability to move or shift load out of Eskom’s weekday peak periods being 18:00 to 20:00in summer and 17:00 to 19:00 in winter, to off-peak periods.

The ESCo Model forms part of Eskom’s strategic commitment to:

  • Incentivise customers to implement projects that shift load outside the evening peak periods on weekdays; and
  • Offer customers an opportunity to participate in managing the dynamics of the national power grid.

 Can you load shift consistently outside peak periods on weekdays? Apply now if your company is at least 51%+ Black-owned and believes that it qualifies – funding is limited!

The latest date funding proposals will be received and accepted for MYPD 3 period is 1 August 2017

 Terms and Conditions in regard to the ESCo Model could change at any time.


What is Esco Model ?


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On what  basis is funding apporved ?