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Energy advisory

Eskom is strategically committed to implementing national initiatives and programmes aimed at saving energy and assisting business to utilise their energy sources as efficiently and sustainably as possible

One of the most impactful of these programmes is Eskom’s Energy Advisory Services, offering advice to business in the commercial, industrial, mining and agricultural sectors on a wide range of energy efficiency measures and interventions, including how to:

  • Reduce energy usage;
  • Do walk-through energy assessments to identify energy usage patterns, energy needs, areas of energy wastage and energy saving opportunities;
  • Optimise operations and maintenance;
  • Improve the energy efficiency of operations and electrical systems and processes;
  • Prioritise maintenance as an important contributor to reducing energy usage; and
  • Find SANAS approved energy savings Measurement and Verification Authorities.
  • Understanding the latest energy efficient electro-technologies, drawing on outside technical assistance and having a variety of tariffs on hand to work with, Eskom’s Energy Advisors are equipped to make recommendations in regard to both tariffs and appropriate energy sources – whether electrical, fossil fueled or renewable - based on an in-depth energy assessment of your business

    Their consultations also include offering advice and information on funding opportunities for energy efficiency projects

    Energy Management Information Pack:

    Eskom’s Energy Advisors are equipped with an Energy Management Information Pack that supplies business with a range of information on how to implement and establish the various facets of a fully-fledged energy management plan.  The 7 brochures in the information pack can be downloaded here

    Energy efficient technology fact sheets:

    The fact sheets below offer advice and guidance on how a wide range of energy efficient technology solutions and proper maintenance regimes can improve the energy efficiency of operations and, as a result, reduce energy use and cut operating costs in commercial buildings, retail chains, hotels, restaurants, dairy parlours, broiler houses, greenhouses and manufacturing plants. Click here for further information on the fact sheet. 

    Call 08600 37566 and leave your name and number and one of our advisors will contact you. Alternatively, ask for a specific advisor to contact you. email address: