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Eskom is offering a financial incentive to large customers whose electricity use has been at least 100GWh over a consecutive 12 month period during the past five years. If your business or plant falls in this category, you qualify for an incentivised (flat) rate per incremental unit of electricity additionally consumed. The Offer Incentive Pilot Programme forms part of Eskom’s commitment to roll out products in support of increased productivity, lower energy costs and economic growth.
The incentive offer Qualifying criteria​ Benefits

Eskom has a total of 500MW available that customers customer can utilise at the incentivised (flat) rate under the umbrella of this programme. 

  • The incentive is offered for each additional unit of electricity used above the baseline consumptions figure.
  • The incentive is valid for electricity use at any time of day-during all the Time-of-Use (TOU) periods.
  • The application must be submitted by the 21 May 2018.


A minimum  electricity consumption of 100GWh over a consecutive 12 month period during the past 5 years.

  • Fully paid up electricity accounts (irrespective of whether you are supplied by Eskom or by a municipality)
  • Non-participation in any of Eskom's other sales increase programmes.


Improved flexibility in scheduling additional electricity consumption
  • Increased production at a lower average operating cost.
  • Flatter consumption profiles.
  • Improved financial position.
  • Improved plant operations.
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Ranking criteria How to apply ​FAQs

Ranking principle in the case of oversubscription.

The following ranking principle will be utilised to prioritise customer's application in the case of over-subscription to the programme:
  • Size of growth in electricity consumption.
  • Percentage growth in electricity consumption.
  • Season (winter/summer) breakdown of electricity consumption.
  • Time-Of-Use breakdown of electricity consumption.
  • Time to increased production volumes
  • Board decision.


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