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Dairy farmers can save electricity without investing a cent

“Dairy farmers can achieve welcome savings through switching off lights and equipment when not required, optimising hot water use and ensuring equipment is maintained and serviced as per specifications,” says Eskom’s Senior General Manager Andrew Etzinger. Click here to read further

How agri-business can reduce energy costs

In this, the first of three articles written exclusively for Farmers Weekly, Eskom IDM Senior General Manager Andrew Etzinger explains how a South African agricultural business can get started on an energy efficiency programme that will have a real impact on the bottom line. Click here to read further

Globalisation and commercialisation are pushing grain farmers to optimise energy efficiency

Grain farm operating expenses have increased steadily over the last decade, with the high costs of inputs, including electricity, becoming one of the most serious challenges facing farmers - increasing production costs are squeezing profit margins and impacting competitiveness in local and export markets. Click here to read further

How Pick n Pay cut its electricity bills and saved

IN JUST five years retail giant Pick n Pay has cut its electricity consumption by 30% and saved itself more than half a billion rand – but shoppers who keep flocking to its stores are largely oblivious to the much greener environment in which they’re now buying their groceries. Click here to read further

Why it makes rands and sense for South African farmers to take another look at their electrical motors

The many tens of thousands of motors used by South African farmers – to drive their irrigation pumps, to cool their broiler houses and cold stores, and to heat and cool their greenhouses – are often amongst the most inefficient pieces of equipment in their operations. Click here to read further

Keeping broiler houses tight saves farmers money

Electricity plays a crucial role in poultry farming – it drives the systems and equipment that create the ideal environment to keep chickens healthy and fast growing. Click here to read further

Small investments pay big dividends at Kwazulu-Natal guesthouse

Bob Hunter, owner of the Honey Pot Guesthouse in Umhlanga Rocks and an office-bearer of the National Accommodation Association of South Africa, says “going green is a top priority for the industry at present”. Click here to read further

Small How SUN1 is saving millions …

The chain of budget hotels is slashing its electricity bills by a fifth after implementing a progressive energy efficiency programme that is already paying for itself. Click here to read further

Using water to power agricultural energy efficiency

Entrepreneurs and farmers all over South Africa are beginning to tap the country’s water infrastructure for its energy-generating potential – a potential that experts say can deliver hundreds of megawatts of clean, sustainable power. Click here to read further

Variable Speed Drives are a vastly under-used technology for optimizing energy efficiency on farms

Much more electricity than needed is used on farms across the country every day by systems that are working harder than they have to, resulting in unnecessarily high energy costs for farmers. By fitting VSDs on irrigation systems, fans and other electric motors, farmers can dramatically and immediately cut energy consumption and reduce operating costs. Click here to read further