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  Electric Boiler Incentive Programme 

About the programme Programme documentation

​A new era of supply capacity enables Eskom to roll out market-related products tailored to help expand all sectors of the economy.

One of these products incentives business customers to run electric boiler service; and/or use electricity to run dual-fuel boiler systems that are currently running on an alternative fuel source.

The Electric Boiler Incentive Programme offer 50MW as a pilot project to increase efficiency and support business growth by:  

  • Increase process efficiency and support business growth by competitiveness of electricity as an energy source during standard and off-peak time-of-use (TOU) periods.
  • The Electric Boiler Incentive Programme is aimed at customer directly supplied by Eskom as well customers supplied by municipalities who, at present use an alternative fuel source to generate steam in their business and plants.


  • The Electric Boiler Incentive Pilot Programme fact sheet click here
  • The Boiler application form click here
  • The Electric Boilers rules click here 


Electric boiler supply high quality steam, can respond quickly to production changes, are cheaper to maintain and are environmentally friendly.