The Instantaneous Demand Response Programme offers you an opportunity to partner with Eskom to mitigate power system constraints 


Eskom will compensate customers who qualify to participate and are able to: 
  • Reduce load within 6 seconds of notification; and
  • Sustain this reduction for a maximum of 10 minutes.


  • The minimum load entry is 10MW. 
  • On average, 200 load reduction events per annum. 
  • A maximum number of two load reduction requests of 10 minute each per scheduled day. 
  • Load should be available 24/7 under normal plant conditions. 
  • Notification to reduce load by 15:00 (the day before). 
  • Customers will receive a capacity payment for all hours scheduled to be on standby (the next day).


Step 1: 

Email for more information.  

Step 2:
Meet with an Eskom representative at your premises to facilitate your participation. 
Step 3:
Sign a standard legal agreement with Eskom.  
Step 4:
Register as an Eskom vendor to enable you to receive payment.
Click here for a printable brochure
Note: Eskom will install the necessary metering system to enable you to participate. 
Contracts are renewed on an annual basis.

For more information email Eskom at  





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