The Supplemental Demand Response Programme offers you an opportunity to partner with Eskom to mitigate power system constraints.

What is the offer?

Eskom will ask qualified participants to reduce loads to help lower demand on the national grid – participants will receive financial compensation for the energy not consumed during this period:

Key Features

  • Minimum load entry level: The greatest of 500kW or 15% of the average MW demand of the plant.
  • The number of load reduction event days per annum is 150.
  • You will be required to reduce load for two hours when requested.
  • You will be notified to be on standby by 15:00 (the day before).
  • You will receive a minimum 30 minute notification to reduce load.
  • A capacity payment for hours scheduled to be on standby (the following day).
  • An energy payment for energy not consumed on request by Eskom.
  • How do you participate?

    Step 1: E-mail for more information.

    Step 2: An Eskom representative will arrange a suitable time to visit your premises to determine  participation.

    Step 3: Sign a standard legal agreement with Eskom.

    Step 4: Register as an Eskom vendor to enable you to receive payment.


    Verification of metering will be carried out to ensure that successful monitoring and communication between your meter and Eskom will be to enable your participation in the programme.

    Contract renewed on an annual basis.

    Click here to download printable brochure.