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CFL Roll-out

Compact fluorescent lamp programme

In 2008 Eskom embarked on a campaign to exchange incandescent bulbs in homes for more energy efficient CFL bulbs. To date more than 65 million energy savers have been installed in South African homes, saving energy and cost, creating employment and a culture of greater energy efficiency among our citizens. The installed CFL bulbs are reaching their life span in the installed areas and Eskom has to sustain the current savings going forward.

The programme entails Eskom-appointed installers going door to door in designated areas to replace a) energy intensive incandescent light bulbs with new energy saving CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and b) spent CFLs with new CFLs in homes across South Africa

The 1st phase of the programme targeted installing 5 million CFLs between November 2015 and 31 March 2016 in five provinces:

The programme commenced in Kwazulu-Natal in November 2015.

  • KZN (3 million)
  • Free State(500 000)
  • Eastern Cape(500 000)
  • Western Cape(800 000)
  • Northern Cape(200 000)
  • For details of the specific Provinces and Municipalities click here.

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