Eskom’s demand-side management programme assists communities to manage their cost of electricity by installing energy saving technologies whilst at the same time reducing pressure on the national grid. A total of 614 238 compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were installed in North West and Gauteng during 2018 so far.  Since 2015, a total of  4 922 700 CFLs have been installed.

The initiative has put back more than 238 Megawatts into the grid, and created much needed employment in local communities. 

The Lighting Exchange Programme entails Eskom-appointed installers going door to door in designated areas to replace energy intensive incandescent light bulbs with new energy saving CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and  spent CFLs with new CFLs in homes in selected areas. Note only selected areas are targeted, customers should not let anyone into their homes unless they are able to provide adequate identification and Eskom marketing material to explain the programme. 

Since 2005, more than 66 million CFLs have been distributed to homes across South Africa, making it one of the biggest energy saving initiatives of its kind in the world and earning Eskom both national and international recognition as an environmentally responsible utility. 

Currently Eskom installers are working in Kwathema and Tembisa Gauteng Province.

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