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swimming pool pump

Electricity smart swimming pools …

Pool pumps consume enough electricity to make it the second most energy intensive appliance in the home, accounting for up to 11% of your monthly electricity bill

Here’s tips on how to keep your pool electricity smart:

Pool pump:

  • In winter, reduce the number of hours your pool pump runs by reducing the number of times you filter the water to one 4 to 6-hour filtering cycle every 24 hours
  • In summer, reduce the number of hours your pool pump runs from 10 to 6 hours per day - research has shown that 4 to 6 hours per day is enough to keep your pool clean. However, if you find this insufficient, increase filtering in 30-minute increments until the water stays clear and chemically balanced
  • The general rule is that swimming pool water should be filtered twice every 24 hours when the pool is used frequently in summer - three filtering cycles per 24-hour period are considered wasteful and unnecessary
  • Use a pool cover:

  • Keep your pool covered when you use it infrequently during the colder months of the year - pool covers prevent leaves, dirt and debris from falling in, which means filtering time can be reduced
  • Maintain your pool regularly:

  • Clean your pool filter - do so at regular intervals throughout the year; a clean filter is key to better water flow
  • Brush the floor and walls to remove debris that the filter misses
  • Clean areas with the least circulation at least once a week
  • Make regular pool maintenance a priority - it will contribute to optimising the electricity use of your pool pump
  • Switch off between 5pm and 9pm:

  • Always set your pool pump to run outside 5pm and 9pm, the period of peak demand for electricity in the residential sector - this simple act would greatly contribute to reducing demand pressure on the national power grid
  • Interestingly, if your pool pump, together with the 640 049 other pool pumps in South Africa, were to be switched off between 5pm and 9pm, more than 60MW would be saved, enough to meet the electricity demand of a big town the size of Stellenbosch
  • Do all the above throughout the year and you could experience a notable reduction in the energy used to keep your pool sparkling blue – and enough savings to help keep your electricity bill in shape

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