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Ruby and the Powerpals is an educational tool in the form of a children’s book that teaches young children about wise electricity use, a charming and enjoyable learning aid that will turn energy conscious children into energy conscious adults.                                              

  Free book and songs for kids

Download the Ruby and the Power-pals e-book here (should you not be able to view the e-book download pdf's here)

Interactive worksheet click here to download

Using rhythm and rhyme, this collection of stories introduces South Africa’s children to Ruby, a little girl, and her four appliance friends - Laaitie the Lightswitch, Hottie the Hot Tap, Freddie the Fridge and TiniRimote, the television remote.

  • Switching off lights when not needed
  • Using hot water sparingly by not overfilling the bath and having a shower instead of a bath
  • Closing the fridge door to keep the cold air in
  • Switching off the television at its power button and not leaving it on standby

    Below are songs of Ruby and the Power-pals

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    Get Microsoft SilverlightHottie the Hot Tap
    Get Microsoft SilverlightLaaitie the Lightswitch
    Get Microsoft SilverlightTiniRimote the television remote

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