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Volume 3: The Practical Guide To Outdoor High Voltage Insulators

This book is a practical guide for utility staff and consulting engineers responsible for the selection, installation and maintenance of insulators for outdoor high voltage lines and substations. Students and engineers in training will also benefit by reading this book. Insulator types and their characteristics, electrical, mechanical, materials and environmental considerations, insulator selection, tests and specifications, failures mechanisms, handling and installation practices, lines and substation performance improvement, and pollution mitigation techniques are all dealt with in detail; with emphasis on practical field application. Easy to use procedures, guidelines, decision tables, flowcharts, inspection sheets and software are included.   


Description Full colour hardcover book​
ISBN No. 0-620-31074-X
Pages 224
Weight ​1 kg
Dimension 260 mm x 210 mm x 20 mm     

Cost in South African Rands: R 695 (Including VAT)    

Further Information available on downladable PDF Brochure​ 

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