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Integrated Demand Management


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About energy efficiency (Integrated Demand Management)


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Integrated Demand Management - the art of managing the use of electricity. We all expect to have the convenience of electricity at our fingertips.

We flick on switches without thinking that behind the supply of power to our homes and businesses is a complex chain of supply that stretches back hundreds of kilometers to power stations across the country.

To those in the industry, this supply chain is called Integrated Demand Management (IDM). It is a comprehensive process in which the planning, implementation and monitoring of the consumer's electricity use- and the modifying of this use- is considered against the levels of electricity available in the power grid which supplies the nation.

The benefits of Integrated Demand Management

Integrated Demand Management is crucial to promoting energy efficiency in South Africa, as it:

  • Reduces the demand on the electricity network

  • Delays the need for additional power stations to be built to meet demand for power

  • Keeps electricity costs down

  • Creates opportunities for the introduction of the creation and funding of incentives for projects and products