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Koeberg Car Park Extension
Eskom is proposing an extension to an existing car park situated within the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station (KNPS) site on Cape Farm Duynefontyn No. 1552. The Car Park Extension Project will provide an additional 200 permanent (paved) and 200 temporary (gravel) parking bays within an expected development footprint of approximately 11 000m2.
KNPS performs a refuelling outage approximately every 18 months on each Reactor Unit (i.e. between one and two outages per year). The current car park facility is inadequate to support the parking required for additional outage workforce and thus the motivation for the Car Park Extension Project.
  1. Basic Assessment Report (BAR) and Final Basic Assessment Report (FBAR)
  2. Environmental Management Programme (EMPr)
  3. Appendices
  4. Authorisation: Ammended EA Application and Car Park Extension EA
  5. Re-zoning Application
  6. Signed Declarations   



 ECO close-out report

Appendix G_Car Park Extension EMPr_April 2017.pdf
EA - KNPS Car Park Extension July 2017.pdf
EAR-Eskom Koeberg July 2020_final.pdf
EAR-Eskom Koeberg October 2020.pdf
EAR-Eskom Koeberg 27 Nov 2020.pdf
EAR-Eskom Koeberg August 2020_08_26.pdf
EAR-Eskom Koeberg September 2020.pdf
EMR-Eskom Koeberg 10 Dec 2020.pdf
EMR-Eskom Koeberg 27 Jan 2021.pdf
EMR-Eskom Koeberg April 2021.pdf
EMR-Eskom Koeberg March 2021_Final.pdf
EMR-Eskom Koeberg May 2021_Final.pdf
EMR-Eskom Koeberg 24 Feb 2021.pdf
EMR-Eskom Koeberg June 2021_Final.pdf