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Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA)

Scope of environmental investigations
Brief overview of study area
Assesment of impacts associated with substation
Assesment of impacts Matimba-Ikaros
Assesment of impacts Ikaros-Bighorn
References (final)
Exec summary & TOC
Conclusion and recommendation
Appendix A - Servitude negotiation
Appendix B - Conctruction process
Appendix C - Issues trail
Appendix D - Adverts
Appendix E - Minutes - Public Meeting
                      Minutes - Key Stakeholder Workshop
Appendix - F - Newsletter
                        Ikaros EIA Newsletter
                        EIA Newsletter
Appendix - G - Database
Appendix - H - Landowners and comments
                        Property owner list
Appendix I - Plant species
Appendix J - Bird species
Appendix K - Visual Impact
Appendix L - EMF info


(links to information will follow as process develops)

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      Bohlweki Environmental

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