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Fake News about Eskom
Notice to correct fictitious and misleading information
Eskom is aware of several messages being circulated via social and digital media indicating that there won’t be electricity in South Africa for extended periods of time.  These are false and misleading.
Date:               12 December 2019
Issue:             Afrikaans sound-clip relating to coal and fuel oil
CLAIM 1:      Eskom purchases oil because they use sub-standard coal (which is purchased from ‘empowered’ suppliers) and need the oil to ‘spike’ the coal in order for it to burn.
FACT 1:         It is important to note that oil is not mixed with coal in the power generation process.  Fuel oil is used in coal-fired boilers to stabilize the flame and manage combustion, mainly during light-up and shut-down. During stable boiler operations no fuel oil is required. All of Eskom’s coal suppliers are contracted to supply coal that meets the design specifications (quality requirements) of the power station. 
CLAIM 2:       Eskom does not pay its supplier and owes them R500 million rand for oil used.  The supplier requested payment and Eskom simply refused to pay them.  The supplier then (on the Wednesday) indicated that they would stop supply as from the Thursday.
FACT 2:         All of Eskom’s fuel oil suppliers are currently delivering fuel oil to the coal-fired power stations; and all payments are up to date.
CLAIM 3:       Predicted that as from Sunday, South Africa will get loadshedding.  In the end it did not happen on Sunday, but instead on Thursday evening.  Loadshedding has happened because Eskom has not paid for the oil needed to ‘spike’ the sub-standard coal.  Eskom tells us all this nonsense about wet coal and maintenance issues on power stations, but in reality it is only because they have not paid for oil.
FACT 3:         There are various factors that have contributed to the recent loadshedding.  These are not linked to fuel oil supply.

 Afrikaans sound-clip relating to coal & fuel oil is fake news

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