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MyEskom App
This App provides Eskom Load Shedding information and schedules as well as the status of the national electricity grid. This app is created and officially endorsed by Eskom Holdings SOC Limited.
Users can view: 
1.   The current national load shedding status
2.   Eskom Load shedding schedule for their suburb
3.   Eskom Load shedding status of suburbs for a customer’s location
4.   National Power Status
5.   1 Day forecasted demand vs. actual demand
6.   Eskom Load shedding information and schedules can be viewed in three different displays:
a.   Calendar view – Allows you to toggle between weekly and monthly displays
b.   Dial view - Provides load shedding information available up to 1 week
c.    Map view – Provides icons displaying load shedding times and crowd source power outages relevant for a specific day
7.   Eskom and Municipality contact information
8.   Option to contact Eskom via e-mail
9.   Social media link to Eskom’s Twitter and Facebook
10. Tag an outage on the map for crowd sourcing
11. Search for an Eskom schedule using Eskom Account Number, Eskom Meter Number, Address or Geolocation
What's New in this Version?
Load shedding information, tag an outage.
  • Acknowledgement to Fogg Experiential Design, Esri SA and Microsoft SA for their contribution to the development of the MyEskom app.
  • This application requires an active internet connection.
  • All access and use of this application is subject to and governed by Eskom End User License Agreement, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy available at
Download the MyEskom App
Eskom does not make any warranties or representations that the information shared in this app is error-free. If you are an Eskom customer and cannot find your schedule, please contact Eskom via the Eskom Contact Centre at 0860037566 / 08600ESKOM for assistance. If you are not an Eskom customer, please contact your Municipality or Metro