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Power Series Terms & Conditions




  1. The book(s) will only be delivered once the book(s) and delivery charges (where applicable) have been paid in full.
  2. Eskom reserves the right to cancel an order for any reason(s) by notifying the customer.
  3. A customer may only cancel an order within 7 business days of placing it. Eskom will view the failure to cancel the order in the allotted time as an indication for the sale to continue and will seek the complete sale amount from the customer. 
  4. Eskom is willing to accept any damaged or defective book(s) from customers (provided that the book(s) was not damaged by said customer) within 30 days of delivery.
  5. In the case of damaged books delivered to an international customer (outside South Africa), before the books can be replaced, proof in the form of a photograph of the damaged books must be provided by the customer.
  6. Eskom will only refund in the same currency used for the purchase.
  7. If Eskom delivers more books than the customer has agreed to buy, the customer may then either reject all the delivered books or accept and pay for the agreed quantity at the agreed rate and return the rest (for Eskom account).
  8. If Eskom offers to deliver the book(s) differently from what was agreed in terms of place, date or time, the customer may accept the new arrangement; insist that the original arrangement is adhered to; or cancel the arrangement.
  9. The prices advertised on Eskom�s brochures and website might be �out-dated�, Eskom thus reserves the right to sell the book(s) at the price that is current.
  10. If a customer wishes to return a book purchased from Eskom for any reason(s) permitted under these Terms and Conditions, the customer must in all instances first notify Eskom regarding the reason(s) for the return by contacting Eskom either via: