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Arnot Power Station

In 1965/66 contractors started with roads, pipelines and ground works on the farm Rietkuil, which Eskom bought from seven owners. Sufficient water and especially coal supply in the Rietkuil area ensured that the construction of Arnot Power Station commenced in 1968. Arnot was Eskom's first modern coal-fired power station and was fully operational by June 1975. Three of its units were put into reserve storage (mothballed) in 1992 due to the surplus generating capacity Eskom had at the time. The units were recommissioned in January 1997, November 1997 and December 1998 respectively. The station is 31 years old. 
Two 400kV transmission lines, owned by MOTRACO, run from Arnot and Camden power stations to a substation near Maputo in Mozambique, feeding the new MOZAL Aluminium smelter. 
Technical details:

  • Six 350MW units
  • Installed capacity: 2 100MW
  • 2001 capacity : 1 980MW
  • Design efficiency at rated turbine MCR (%): 35.60%
  • Ramp rate: 34.48% per hour
  • Average availability over last 3 years: 92.07%
  • Average production over last 3 years: 9 675GWh
Contact details:
Tel: +27 013 297 9111
Where is Arnot:
Approximately 50km east of Middelburg in Mpumalanga.