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Grootvlei Power Station
Grootvlei Power Station is situated near Balfour in Mpumalanga Province. The station was built in the late 1960's and was shut down in 1990 and then mothballed. The first set (unit 3) was commissioned in 1969 and the last of the six units (unit 6) was commissioned in 1977

The total station capacity is 1200 MW. Generation Division intends to refurbish Grootvlei to a condition which will allow the plant to supply reliable power to the grid. Operational life of the individual units is expected to increase by 15 years, with a total of 20 years for the station. The design of Grootvlei consists of 6 turbines of MAN design with Brown Boveri generators. The boilers are of Babcock design on 5 sets and a single Steinmuller design on unit 5. Boiler 5 has Loesche mills and the remaining units have BEC 8.5 E mills.
Each boiler has six mills, nominally five are required for full load. This was the first station of this size to have dry cooling and both direct (unit 5) and indirect cooling (unit 6). Unit 6 uses demineralised water as a cooling medium. The outside plant is generally classical Eskom design of that era with wet ashing and coal staithes supplying the coal via two incline conveyors to the boilers.
General: Grootvlei's units 5 and 6 were the first test facilities for dry cooling in South Africa. Unit 6 has an indirect dry cooling system.

Technical details:
  • Six 200MW units
  • Installed capacity: 1 200MW
  • Design efficiency at rated turbine MCR (%): 32.90%
Contact details: 
Tel: (017) 779 8500/(017) 779-0161
Where is Grootvlei:
The station is situated close to the town of Balfour in Mpumalanga