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Majuba Power Station
This 4 110 megawatt station, constructed at a cost of R11.9 billion, is one of the five biggest power stations in the world and the first to have been officially opened in South Africa after 1994. Construction started in 1983 and the first of its six units was placed in commercial operation in April 1996. The remaining five units were added at a rate of one unit per year, with the final unit coming into operation in April 2001.
Majuba Power Station has always generated a great deal of interest and speculation. The original planning proposal for Majuba as contained in the Planning Proposal for Expansion Schemes dated January 1982, allowed for Unit 1 to start production in September 1988, with subsequent units at one year intervals (Unit 6 in September 1993).
Facts about Majuba Power Station:
  • Majuba is the latest of Eskom's "6 pack" power plants 
  • Majuba is Eskom's second largest power plant with an installed capacity of 4 110MW
  • Units 1-3 capacity: 657 MW per unit (612 MW sent out)
  • Units 4-6 capacity: 712 MW per unit (669 MW sent out)
  • Majuba has no dedicated mine and currently purchases coal through short/medium term supply contracts (15 suppliers)
  • Majuba has 2 shifting capabilities
What makes Majuba Power Station unique?
  • Different sources of coal
  • Only Eskom plant operating a train tippler plant
  • Coal delivered per month by rail 0.42 MT, by road 0.74 MT, approximately 700 trucks per day
  • Majuba utilizes two different cooling technologies: Indirect dry cooling and Wet cooling
  • Only coal fired power station in the country that has predominantly 2-shifted
  • Only station in RSA that has axial FD and ID fans

Wet and dry cooling:
Wet cooling
Dry cooling
MW output - 669 MW export
MW output - 612 MW export
Water consumption - 2.0 litres per kwh
Water consumption - 0.2 litres per kwh
Water consumption for cooling towers - 1.5 million litres per hour
Burn rate: 0.511 kg/uso
Burn rate: 0.537 kg/uso
Where is Majuba?
Between Volksrust and Amersfoort in Mpumalanga
Contact details:
Tel: (017) 799-3111