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Gariep Hydroelectric power station

Location: 300 metres downstream of the Gariep Dam wall on the banks of the Orange River, near Norvalspont in the Eastern Cape.

Employees: Thirteen (13) employees.
History: Gariep's first two machines went into commercial service in 1971 and the last two in March 1976. The station was originally named after its political sponsor, Hendrik Verwoerd, and is 31 years old this year.
General: A feature of Gariep's machines is that they can be used as synchronous
condensers, helping to stabilise the operation of the high-voltage interconnected
system. Electricity from Gariep is fed into the Eskom network at the Hydra Distribution
Station near De Aar, which is one of the distribution stations fed by the transmission lines linking the Western Cape with the power stations in Mpumalanga.
Technical details:
- Four 90MW units
- Installed capacity: 360MW
- 2001 capacity: 344MW
- Average availability over last 3 years: 96.58%
- Average production over last 3 years: 889GWh
Contact details:
Tel: (051) 754-0400/1