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Majuba Power Station

Location: Between Volksrust and Amersfoort in Mpumalanga.

Facts about Majuba Power Station:
  • Majuba is the latest of Eskom's "6 pack" power plants
  • Majuba is Eskom's second largest power plant with an installed capacity of 4 110MW
  • Units 1-3 capacity: 657 MW per unit (612 MW sent out)
  • Units 4-6 capacity: 712 MW per unit (669 MW sent out)
  • Majuba has no dedicated mine and currently purchases coal through short/medium term supply contracts (15 suppliers)
  • Majuba has 2 shifting capabilities
What makes Majuba Power Station unique:
  • Different sources of coal
  • Only Eskom plant operating a train tippler plant
  • Coal delivered per month by rail 0.42 MT, by road 0.74 MT, approximately 700 trucks per day
  • Majuba utilizes two different cooling technologies: Indirect dry cooling and Wet cooling
  • Only coal fired power station in the country that has predominantly 2-shifted
  • Only station in RSA that has axial FD and ID fans

Wet and dry cooling:
Wet cooling
Dry cooling
MW output - 669 MW export
MW output - 612 MW export
Water consumption - 2.0 litres per kwh
Water consumption - 0.2 litres per kwh
Water consumption for cooling towers - 1.5 million litres per hour
Burn rate: 0.511 kg/uso
Burn rate: 0.537 kg/uso
Contact details:
Tel: (017) 799-3111