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Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme



Palmiet is part of the Peaking group of power stations and consists of two 200MW units at an installed capacity of 400MW with an average availability that stands at 96.57%.
Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme is part of a water transfer scheme. For generating purposes, water is released from the upper Rockview Dam to the two reversible pump turbines located 60 metres below ground level. The units can also be used to pump additional water from the Palmiet River via the Rockview Dam to the Steenbras Dam to supplement the Cape Town water supply. The station can be operated by remote control from Eskom’s National Control Centre at Simmerpan. Palmiet is located in an ecologically sensitive area, home to species of fynbos found nowhere else in the world except the south-western Cape.
The whole Palmiet site is a conservation area and in December 1998 the area was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO – the first in South Africa. In March 2001, Palmiet was awarded NOSCAR status by the National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA) for the first time. 
Where is Palmiet
Close to Grabouw in the Western Cape, 2km upstream of the Kogelberg Dam wall on the Palmiet River.

Contact details
Tel: (021) 859-9200
More information on the Visitors Centre

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