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Programmes / Services
​In terms of New Generation Regulations, the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is developed by the Department of Energy (DoE) and it sets out the new generation capacity requirements per technology.  This required generation capacity must be met through the technologies and projects listed in the IRP and therefore, all programmes will be executed in accordance with the specified capacities and technologies.
The Grid Access Unit administers 2 types of programmes, i.e
Regulated programme is a programme that is regulated by the Government, i.e DoE.  The DoE administers the Commercial process, including selecting and announcing the preferred bidders within the specified programme.  The Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are signed with the Single Buyers Office within Eskom whose role includes contracts management of the PPAs.
Unregulated programme is a programme wherein Independent Power Producers are not part of the Government Commercial process, and may generate electricity according to the following segments  or commercial options. 
  • Wheeling of Energy
  • Self-generation (may include wheeling to other sites of their own)
  • Co-generation of large industrial customers (i.e. flue gas)