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The Ingula Partnership continues to prosper through the joint efforts of the members of the Partnership: Eskom, BirdLife South Africa and Middelpunt Wetland Trust. The projects that have been undertaken thus far have achieved tremendous success through the consolidated efforts of the members involved. It is envisaged that, in the near future, nature reserve and Ramsar site will be proclaimed after various approvals and support from the local and national authorities. The establishment of the nature reserve will open doors to various international projects, leading to a greater recognition of the value of the Ingula Partnership and the good work that has been done. This will lead to further intensive monitoring of the biodiversity on site, as well as a greater focus on the evaluation of the ecosystem services provided.
Through gaining local and international recognition for the conservation efforts on site, it is anticipated that ecotourism opportunities will arise, with a particular focus on bird watchers. This will lead to a greater appreciation of the efforts of the Ingula Partnership and will warrant that further partnerships of a similar nature are implemented locally and internationally.
The Ingula Partnership is a model of how conservation and business organisations can work together to achieve common environmental goals. The value of the Partnership will be recognised through the legacy that is being established through the various initiatives and projects that are being undertaken.