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* Project Milestones
  • The environmental impact assessment for this station was undertaken and a positive record of decision was issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism in 2006. The Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism considered the appeals lodged against the decision, and confirmed the positive record of decision at the beginning of May 2007.

  • The official sod-turning ceremony was held at the construction site on 14 August 2007. The then Minister of Public Enterprises, Mr Alec Erwin, and the Premier of Limpopo Province, Mr Sello Moloto, were in attendance.


  • Medupi terracing work done by Roshcon commenced in May 2007. The Medupi first civil concrete pouring took place on 18 July 2008. The first air cooled condenser concrete slip forming commenced on 31 October 2008. The columns are approximately 40m in height, 4 meters in diameter and there are125 columns for the 6 X 800MW units.

  • The Department of Labour sent a team of 15 labour inspectors on the 18 May 2009 to audit all contractors on site to ensure compliance with labour laws and related regulations.

  • The lift shaft for Unit 6 was completed on the 4 August 2009 and was officially opened by the Minister of Public Enterprises, Mrs Barbara Hogan on the 17 August 2009. The lift shaft stands at 120 metres high, having used a total quantity of 2000 cubic metres of concrete and 575 tons of steel to construct.


  • The setting of the first boiler column by Hitachi was held 16 January 2010 which marked the commencement of the constructions of the boiler. These six boilers houses will each stand at approximately 130m high.

  • The south chimney outer shell (or windshield), which stands out at 213 metres high was completed on the 12 May 2010. The quantity of concrete casted on the chimney base totalled 1828,5 cubic meters and for the chimney shell totalled 6648,5 cubic meters. The outer shell of the chimney will enclose 3 flue cans which protrude 7 metres outside the chimney opening making the whole structure 220 metres. The chimney dwarfs by far the height of the 120 metres lift shafts and the 40 metres high air cooled condensers columns.

  • The construction of 10,000 tons coal silo was completed on the 8 September 2011. This reinforced concrete coal storage silo stands at 58.5 metre high with an internal diameter of 20 metres. This silo is fed by a coal conveyor through a single opening in the roof slab and discharges through four openings in the hopper slab and two conveyors. This silo feeds and discharges at a rate of 4000 tons per hour.

  • The hydrostatic pressure tests for boiler Unit 6 was completed on the 3 June 2012. This is a statutory requirement conducted in the presence of the client and an independent inspection authority to ensure the integrity of the boiler pressure parts

  • The first 60 tons of coal was delivered in the coal stockyard on the 16 June 2012. This first coal was delivered by two trucks instead of the conveyor system. A total of 160,000 tons was to be delivered. This major milestone is step towards getting Unit 6 running.