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Central grid
Tshwane Strengthening – Verwoerdburg Substation and Apollo Pluto 6km loop-in and out line
The contract for the construction of the line was placed during September 2013 and the duration for completion is 9 months.
Substation: the main columns steel support and lighting mast have been erected. Construction of the access road T-Junction into the M57 road has been approved by Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport.  Thirty percent of the substation work has been completed and within the baseline schedule.


Erection of the structural support steel (Verwoerdburg Substation)
Vaal Strengthening Scheme Phase 1
This project covers upgrades to eight substations within the Vaal South and West Rand regions. The substations form the backbone for power transportation from the Lethabo and Matla power stations to inner Gauteng networks. The key customer base includes metal industries, a large rail network, mines and municipalities.
Glockner substation: the 275kV feeder bay 7, installation of a panthograph, line isolators, circuit breakers, and current transformers still need to be completed.  The 275kV feeder bays 1 and 2 installation of line isolators, circuit breakers, current transformers and line traps works have been moved to the end of next year due to delays in commissioning of transformer 1 at Bernina substation.
Bernina and Hera substation: No other work can be done on the 275kV yard until transformer 1 has been commissioned.  The expected completion date is end Oct. 2013.  All outages have been moved to 2014/5.