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Greater East London strengthening
Vuyani Substation: 85% complete with pre-commissioning of the substation. 1 x 250MVA transformers and 1 x 100MVar reactor have been handed over to Eskom.  By end October the second transformer will be handed over to Eskom as well.

Eros Vuyani Line – T50 – T53 aviation spheres in valleys

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Eros Vuyani Line: The line is split into sections A and B. Section A is 95% complete and section B is 64% complete.  Section A – five towers still to be erected and stringing for towers 1-12 and associated minor works and rehabilitation from tower 1-20.
Section B - towers 211-268 are not complete due to demands from a local community for electrification before allowing the 400kV line to continue. All the relevant stakeholders are involved in resolving this issue as this is causing major delays in the project.