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Northern grid
The Kusile high-voltage yard and Duvha Minerva Loop-in lines were successfully commissioned on 29 September 2013. 
The commissioning included the energisation of the high-voltage yard and the 400kV loop-in loop-out of the Duvha Minerva line.  The HV yard is one of the most sophisticated; spanning 692m in length and includes 29 bays in total. No lost-time incidents were reported during the construction period for the HV yard electrical works, the line construction and commissioning activities.
Kusile 400kV loop-in line
The Borutho Substation Project is one of the key projects g in the Polokwane area to address the issues of reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity. This project will form part of the Medupi transmission integration project and is required for Medupi units 2 and 1 integration. 
The Burotho substation is situated 60km from the Mokopane town in the Limpopo Province. Once completed, the project will have the following features:
-2 x 500MVA transformers
- 4 x 400kV feeders
- 5 x 132kV feeders
Foundation to the 132kv yard busbar at Borutho construction site
The local communities also benefit from this project as expenditure and resources are localized.  The construction of the project started in January 13 and once completed, will play an integral role in eliminating the voltage collapse in some parts of Limpopo.