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Transmission projects

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South of Hydra Progress

Lines at Ingula pumped-storage scheme

The 765kV project group’s activities are presently concentrated on the Hydra - Sterrekus (South of Hydra) scheme. The Gamma – Kappa Transmission line has been scheduled for completion towards the end of the year. Progress has been marred by adverse weather conditions. The Kappa - Sterrekus line construction is scheduled to start early in the new year.

The Hydra 765kV substation was finally commissioned and the 2000MVA 765/400 kV transformer 31 was put on load in August 2013. This was the culmination of four years of construction work and a year of testing, preparation and commissioning work.

 Electrical progress at Gamma substation is in the pre-commissioning phase with commissioning and energisation targeted for the end of 2013. Electrical installation and testing is ongoing at Kappa and Sterrekus substations. Energisation of the southern portion of the portfolio will introduce 2 000 MVA and 1 100km of 765kV transmission lines to the national grid with the strategic benefit of a strengthened feed to the Western Cape. The remaining 2000 MVA transformer will be energized in 2015/2016.

 The newest addition to the project portfolio is phase 1 of the Foskor-Acornhoek transformation upgrade scheme. The projects have an ERA completion date of June 2017. Current activities include final design verification and long lead time equipment procurement.