Pricing related information for generators

Generators (IPPs) that wish to connect to Eskom’s network will be required to apply for a connection, pay a connection charge and sign a connection and use-of-system agreement.  IPPs will be provided non-discriminatory access to Eskom’s network.  This access is, however, subject to the IPP obtaining its required approvals such as EIA’s and a generating and trading licence or registration from NERSA
Once connected, Eskom shall raise use-of-system charges based on the Maximum export capacity of the generator and based whether the generator is connected to the Transmission or Distribution system.
Click here for presentation on overview of Generator tariff and charges

Treatment of energy reconciliations/ charges for customers receiving part of their energy from a third party or supplementary generator

  • Wheeling of energy 

 Refer to presentation on overview of Generator tariff and charges. 

  • Banking of energy
Refer to presentation on overview of Generator tariff and charges.