Supplemental Demand Response Programme

Load Providers that can respond within a notice period of 30 minutes to six hours to restore other reserves. This reserve remains utilised until it can be replaced by other capacity or for a maximum duration agreed with the supplier. It is contracted annually with the supplier and bid available day-ahead. It is required to ensure an acceptable day-ahead risk, and to allow time for cold reserve plant to be called up.

What is offered?

Eskom will compensate Load Provider who qualify to participate and are able to reduce load.

Key features

Minimum load entry level the greatest of 500kW or 15% of the average MW demand of the plant

  • The SO can call on participating Load Providers, via the aggregator system, to reduce large chunks of load when required.
  • Load Providers are scheduled a day ahead and dispatched on the day with a 30 minute notification period.
  • Contracted Load Providers must reduce load on instruction for a minimum of 2 hours, once per day.
  • 30 minute interval remote metering is a prerequisite.
  • Load Providers are paid a standby payment + energy payment for load reduced.

Process details

Step 1
E-mail  Ferdi Becker ([email protected]) or Gary Dysel ([email protected])  for more information

Step 2
Meet with an Eskom representative at your premises to facilitate your participation.

Step 3
Sign a standard legal agreement with Eskom

Step 4
Register as an Eskom vendor that will enable you to receive payments.

Contact details

For more information, please feel free to contact either Ferdi Becker ([email protected]) or Gary Dysel ([email protected]) directly.