Energy Planning

The System Operator publishes the Medium-Term System Adequacy Outlook (MTSAO) under clause 2.1.2 (7) of the South African Grid Code, System Operation Code Version 10.1 of January 2022 which requires the System Operator to publish a review of the adequacy of the Interconnected Power System to meet the 5 year future requirements of electricity consumers. This review is limited to the adequacy of available, committed and anticipated electricity generation resources, covering the period 2024 to 2028 calendar years.

In so doing, the System Operator is required to take into account:

  • possible scenarios for growth in the demand of electricity consumers. The expected demand includes South Africa’s demand plus exports to neighbouring countries;
  • possible scenarios for growth and/or decline in generation resources available to meet the expected demand. This includes all the generation resources licensed by NERSA
    plus imports from neighbouring countries, demand-side management resources, and distributed generation;
  • possible scenarios for new and committed generation projects; and
  • any other information that the System Operator may reasonably deem appropriate.