Corporate Stewardship

Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Security (SHEQS)

Safety:  TxCo is committed to an Inter-dependent Safety Culture that strives to maintain a stance of Zero Fatalities, Zero Injuries, Zero Legal Contraventions, Zero Non-Conformances and Zero Harm approach and principle, through leadership commitment and visibility, thus taking overall responsibility and accountability for the prevention of work-related injury and ill-health, as well as the provision of safe and healthy workplaces and activities.

TxCo further aligns to Eskom’s Occupational Health & Safety Management Strategy, Objectives and Key Performance Indicators, Standards, Policies as well as Procedures to meet its intent to have an injury-free and ill-free working environment. TxCo pro-actively maintains risk controls that aims at ensuring continual improvement to legal obligations and other requirement.

Environment:  TxCo creates and maintain a high-performance culture that strives for Zero Harm, Zero Contraventions and Zero Incidents; through visible felt leadership behaviours that effectively prevent harm to people and the environment.

TxCo subscribes to Eskom’s Environmental Management Strategies, Policies and procedures that provide the framework for ensuring we have the right plant and equipment installed and that these are operated and maintained correctly. TxCo follows the set of standards and procedures that aims to ensure the ongoing improvement in our controls, practices and compliance  to applicable environmental laws, regulations and environmental authorisations granted to us.

Quality:  TxCo’s adoption of the ISO 9001 has ensured a strong foundation for  world-class processes to deliver on  quality services which strives to meet the highest standard demanded by the organization and expected by our customers.

Our Business Management System supports continual improvement, business growth and efficiency. One of the strategies is for all Business Units to constantly improve the way in which they deliver on the Group’s mandate. We have systems, procedures and processes in the group to support our aim of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

TxCo’s goal is to achieve operational excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Security:  The TxCo security mandate is ensuring the effectiveness of TxCo’s Security performance by managing security risks affecting TxCo personnel, assets, information, critical systems, operations, sustainability and reputation. Executing an effective and efficient security capability to protect TxCo assets.

The underlying principle is that TxCo division shall align to Eskom’s security strategy and business objectives in order to promote an efficient, effective and compliant security capability in the organization.