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Eskom to commence roll out of smart prepaid metering in Midrand and Sandton
Tuesday, 01 March 2016: Eskom is progressing well with the maintenance of its power generating plant whilst supplying the country’s electricity needs. No load shedding is anticipated today.
As of today, 01 March, Eskom begins the roll out of smart prepaid meters in Sandton and Midrand. The initial phase of the project will include the conversion of 6 thousand households to the new smart meters.
The programme is part of Eskom’s Smart Prepayment Solution to all customer sectors. Customers are encouraged to convert from their conventional meters to the prepaid billing mode as it has several benefits. In addition, we would like to indicate that customers will benefit through changed behaviors and become legal, safe, efficient users and paying for their consumption through:
·         Education on the benefits of smart prepaid meters
·         Educating customers on energy efficiency in the household
·         Understanding the dangers of meter tampering and the benefits of legal electricity usage by households
·         reduced electricity theft
·         reduced power outages
·         control over consumption, and
·         reduced public safety incidents.
Residents in these areas are encouraged to work with Eskom to ensure a swift roll out of the programme. For more information please visit or call 086 003 7566.
We will continue to provide regular updates on the state of the power system through various media platforms.