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Dairy processing

Dairy milk is one of the most versatile products available for processing for the retail market, and includes methods such as fermenting, concentrating, heating, drying and freezing, to name a few. Dairy processing maintains the quality of the product, extends the shelf life and increases a number of nutrients within the product – making dairy one of the most valuable high-protein foods consumed world-wide.
The South African dairy industry is segmented into 2 sections – liquid milk forming 62% of the market, and processed products making up the remaining 38%. As a small-scale dairy producer, you can add value to your milk via dairy processing and greatly increase your turnover with fairly little extra cost.
The agri-processing industry has massive scope for energy efficiency improvements, cost savings and the use of alternative energy solutions. We are aware of the farming business’s vulnerability to electricity price increases and the impact that climate change can have on food production. As such, your energy advisor can help plan your dairy processing energy infrastructure, as well as navigate any operational pitfalls that may occur along the way.   

Our dairy processing brochures highlight the various manufacturing processes available in the agri processing of milk - from storing and preparing raw milk and the equipment required to do so, to heating, milling and fermenting.
 Soft cheese processing 

Hard cheese processing

Yogurt processing

 Fermented milk processing

 Other agri-business processing 
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