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                                                                                   Meat processing
Meat has a wide variety of product possibilities. Meat processing solutions provide livestock farmers with opportunities to slaughter, process and market their own animals adding to their role in the value chain.

Processed meat products are classified into three broad groups, based on the size of the meat particle used in the manufacturing process:
·    Whole meat products – the muscle tissue is still clearly recognisable and defined in the end product, e.g. ham, bacon, pressed pork or beef.
·    Minced meat products – the meat structure has undergone a degree of breaking up and is no longer in a fibre form, but particle form, e.g. salami, fresh sausage, hamburger patties and meat balls.
·    Emulsified meat products – the muscle tissues have been finely minced and are no longer recognisable either in fibrous or particle form, e.g. frankfurters, viennas, polonies and meatloaves.
Our meat processing brochures outline the process overview for manufacturing a variety of meat products as a means to add value to your farm produce. Your Eskom energy advisor can help you get started on an energy efficiency programme for your Agri-Processing business that will help make a real impact on your bottom line.

   Meat processing solutions
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    Sausage processing solutions
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                                         Other agri-business processing

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