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Self-build electricity connection
Whether you are a new or existing business customer, Eskom offers a variety of tailor-made solutions to assist you in growing your business and bringing your long-term plans to fruition. One of these product offerings is to assign an Eskom-approved supplier, instead of Eskom itself, to construct an electricity connection on your behalf. All project applications will be considered, irrespective of the size of supply you request.
This solution is designed if you are planning to:
  • Undertake a self-build project
  • Undertake multiple self-build projects at multiple locations, and at different times
  • Involve multiple partners undertaking one self-build project e.g. development



Self-build projects will enable you to control the timing of your connection and, to a greater extent, the cost of your connection. 

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Project conditions

To ensure Eskom delivers the best possible solution and service, we stipulate that you adhere to the following conditions when constructing your own electricity connection:
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All suppliers and service providers whom you appoint for your project must be Eskom-accredited to ensure that the correct equipment is used, and that the quality of work adheres to Eskom’s standards and specifications.

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You are limited to undertaking a self-build project for your own use only. No work beyond your own project, including work on existing infrastructure, assets used by other customers or upstream assets, such as inside an Eskom substation, is allowed.

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An electricity supply agreement, in addition to a self-build agreement, need to be entered into with Eskom.

Would you like to talk to an energy advisor to find out more about self-build electricity connections? Your energy advisor is ready to assist.
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