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Museum Photographs

 Museum Artifacts Part 1​  ​  ​  Museum Artifacts Part 2​​         Museum Artifacts Part 3



Ionospheric Recorder​ Wadley Receiver ​Wire Recorder

Current Balance​ ​Crystal Set Marconiphone

​Lightning Recorder The First Integrated Circuit
​The beginnings o​f Electronics

​Electrical Power Frequency Control The prototype tellurometer Early X​-Ray Tube

​"Escom" ​"Tugela" ​"H​unslet"

​"Kitson" Steam Turbine Driven DC Generator ​Compressed Air Meter

Painting of Highveld Power Station​ Turbine used at Sabie River Gorge Hydro Station PortableTemperature Indicator


Portable Volt meter​ Portable Laboratory Ohm meter Voltage Ratio Box

​Portable Current Transformer Portable​ Watt meter Portable Watt meter


​Portable low resistance ohm meter ​Phase Splitting Resistance Box ​Portable millivo​ltmeter

​Phase angle Meter ​Mine Telephone Conduc​tivity Meter




Portable Voltmeter​ ​Wheatstone Bridge ​   Electrodynamometer

Universal Galvanometer​ ​Wheatstone Bridge ​AC Galvanom​eter
Turbine Condenser vacuum gauge​ Demand Meter​ Time Lag Relay​

Single Element Instantaneous Relay​ Three element Instantaneous Relay​ Theodolite

​Tally Chain Time Lag Relay Universal Potentiometer​

Proportional Dividers​ Planimeter Pantograph

Current Transformer​ Current Transformer Current Transformer