Eskom is pleased to outline the benefits of five product offerings developed by the National Treasury and South African Revenue Services in conjunction with the Department of Finance and the Department of Trade and Industry, and with the support of the Industrial Development Corporation and the South African National Energy Development Institute.
Sharing important information on how to help reduce your energy investment costs forms part of Eskom’s commitment to help customers action their business plans and expand, thereby stimulating economic growth and generating employment.  
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12L Tax Allowance when you start-up or expand your business on the basis of adhering to a culture of energy productivity.​





APSS (Agro Processing Support Scheme Grant) - when you start a new agro-processing or agro-beneficiation business or expand/improve an existing agro-processing or beneficiation business.




CIP (Critical Infrastructure Programme) Grant when you build critical infrastructure that will open up and support investment opportunities or enable investments to fully deliver on their potential. ​



ADEP (Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme) Grant - available to South African registered entities engaged in primary, secondary and ancillary aquaculture activities in both marine and freshwater environments.





Disclaimer: The information provided on the listed tax allowances, grants and facilities is, at best, of a general nature and cannot substitute for the advice of a specialist. You are advised to contact a suitable professional to obtain the latest information and who can apply the information to the particular circumstances of your case. Neither Eskom nor any of its employees can take responsibility for the results or consequences of any attempt to use or adopt the information presented herein.