All Demand Response programmes are driven by incidences of constraints on the national power system; these include:  
Non- Dispatchable Demand Response Programme 
The Non-dispatchable Demand Response (NDDR) is a programme designed to reduce demand during weekdays at periods defined by System Operator. The programme offers an opportunity to both Eskom and municipal supplied top customers to partner with the utility to mitigate possible power system constraints. The product is an addition to the Demand Response (DR) portfolio available to the System Operator to maintain adequate daily operating reserve margins to cater for unforeseen circumstances that could affect the stability of the supply. Read more>>>
Instantaneous Demand Response Programme
The programme assists the System Operator (SO) to manage sudden changes in the balance between supply and demand. A trip of a generator unit would, for instance, result in a sudden frequency decline, which could place the power system at risk. Customers participating in the programme are required to reduce load in seconds, thereby assisting the System Operator to arrest frequency decline. Read more>>>
Supplemental Demand Response Programme
The programme assists the System Operator (SO) to increase the daily ancillary reserve and manage system constraints. The System Operator can call on participating customers to reduce load when required. Customers have relatively short notification times. Load reduction must be sustained for the contracted number of hours per event. Read more>>>