The Non-dispatchable Demand Response (NDDR) is a programme designed to reduce demand during weekdays at periods defined by System Operator. The programme offers an opportunity to both Eskom and municipal supplied top customers to partner with the utility to mitigate possible power system constraints. The product is an addition to the Demand Response (DR) portfolio available to the System Operator to maintain adequate daily operating reserve margins to cater for unforeseen circumstances that could affect the stability of the supply.

NDDR is focused on all load providers that meet the minimum criteria to participate to reduce demand during predefined periods.

What is offered?

The programme offers financial compensation to load providers who have the capability to reduce demand during predefined periods:

  • Load shifting .
  • Peak clipping.


Key programme features

Participation in the programme is on a one year contractual period and it requires:
  • Load Provider must be able to reduce the greatest of 2MW or 15% of the average weekdays load measured between 05h00-22h00 over a three months period.
  • Dispatch notification for the following month is either 2 weeks (by the 10th business day) or 4 weeks (by the 1st business day) in advance.
  • Reduction period is between 4-8pm (Load Providers can opt to participate for 1 hour up to 4 consecutive hours). 
  • Participating in NDDR is not permitted if you are already participating in any other demand reduction/incentive programmes.

Non-Dispatchable Demand Response is managed through Virtual Power Station, and the demand reduction is monitored from the customer account, with any adjustments incorporated into the bill. 

Payment of the financial incentive is performance based and is processed upon verification of demand reduction during evening peaks at R800/MWh for a 14-day notification period or R600/MWh for a 30-day notification. Performance reports are generated and shared with customers on a monthly basis.

How do you participate?

Should you wish to participate, the following is required:

  • Email Eskom for more information.
  • An Eskom representative will arrange a suitable time to visit your premises, to  discuss the programme in more detail.
  • Start the contractual process if the Load Provider meets the participation criteria an indicated willingness to participate.
  • Sign a standard legal agreement with Eskom.
  • Register as an Eskom vendor to receive payment - if an Eskom customer, payment will be made through billing system.
  • Verification of metering will be carried out to ensure that successful monitoring and communication between your meter and Eskom will be possible to enable participation in the programme.
  • Start participation.

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